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Not At Fault Accident
Who are the best insurers and who should I insure with?

You should stay away from insurance companies that require you to either get a quote from their repairer or worst still who require you to leave it at their repairers to be repaired. The old saying is when someone wants you to take your vehicle and leave it with them there is a reason behind it and it’s not to look after you interests it’s to look after their.

You should look for an insurer who has no policy requirements regarding where and who you take your car to.

You want to insure with an insurer who has no problem dealing with the repairer you wish to deal with.

You should always ask what the insurer has your vehicle insured under and what they are saying the market value of your car is. This is very important.
We here at KCRC have an insurance broking team who you can contact free of charge at any time to compare what you have in the way of insurance and what is out there in the market place.

This goes not only for your vehicle but for any type of insurance you may need.

When I have a “not at fault” accident who pays for the repairs, hire cars and services to get my vehicle back on the road?

When you have a “not at fault” accident all the costs involved are recoverable from the third party’s insurer.

When you first call them they may try to discourage you from this fact and say they are not liable for items such as a hire car or they may also say if you deal with them direct you will forfeit your guarantee. All of this is false. When you come to KCRC we will organize the whole procedure for you and you will be on your way. It’s that easy.

What happens if we get into a legal bind?

In a “not at fault” accident if at any time there is an issue the recovery agency has a legal team that will look into the area or problem at hand for you.

Is restoration work expensive and does it take long?

Unfortunately all restoration work is relatively expensive. There are several different stages that require a lot of time consuming work. Each stage must be completed before the next is started. It is a very complex and specialised field.

Due to all the stages of work you can understand that it takes a long time to do such specialised work.

Contracts are drawn up to ensure there are no errors during the restoration process.

Why Kensington Collision Repair Centre?

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Car Respray Paint

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Don’t let your insurance company tell you where to go.

Insurance companies by nature are focused on saving money.

Our focus will be you and your safety.